Monday, December 3, 2007

Overkill... Just about right...

I would say it is a Jeepguy thing, but it isn't.
  • Too much power is almost enough!
  • Tim Allen.
  • Dana 60s (from an F-350) under a lightweight Jeep.
  • V-8 Miata.
  • 53" tires. (when 44s just aren't enough)
  • 24" rims.
  • Gas-powered screwgun.
It is part of our genetics. It comes from the gasoline (and/or diesel) that runs in our veins. We want to be able to do what we want to do... without worry that we will have an issue. Or we just want to be able to set off car alarms when we tromp on the gas.

So, it isn't any different with tech geeks. I talked to a guy today that has a laptop that the rest of us won't get for 3 years. It isn't much bigger than a hardcover book. It has more computing power than a couple of average desktops. It even has more memory than my wife (at least 32 gigs). And you can't buy one, but if you did, it would cost as much as a car.

It would be the computing equivalent of cramming a Hemi into a minivan... and keeping the good looks of a sports sedan. Kind of BMW M5 meets Town & Country... with a touch of Ferrari F50 to splash in some color.
So, why am I talking about all of this?

I crashed my website. I am currently breaking out the gas powered screwdriver to see what I can make better... and a little groovier.

We'll what happens. Stay tuned.

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