Friday, March 7, 2008

Blog Anthology, Post Dated 2/24-3/1

Garage with a detached home

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Sunday, Sunday, Sunday... Videos, Hummer, Jeep, big rocks, steep climbs... Sunday is video day.

The GBR4WD Club announced their 5th Annual Mud 4 Blood Drive in connection with LifeSouth, Bass Pro Shops and 4Wheel Parts. This year's event will take place on May 10th. Are you a blood donor? Mud 4 Blood.

Short Sales are all of the rage in real estate right now. The NAR is telling agents to learn the new specialty. There are scores of seminars. Lots of agents are now "Short Sale specialists." Sorry, but I think it takes more than a quick course to make one an expert. I don't know it all.

But I can tell you that Price ≠ Value. Too many people have bought into the idea that a discount from list is the same thing as buying below market value.

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With sadness, I learned of the death of Boyd Coddington. He contributed a lot to the world of hot rods even for those that weren't fans of American Hot Rod. The art of his creations is self evident.

For the last entry of the week, I just wanted to say Thank you! I write so that people can read it. I know that I have between 30 and 70 readers on any given day. And I appreciate that EACH OF YOU take a moment from your day to see my rants, opinions, observations and news.

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