Saturday, August 4, 2007

Cobb County places restrictions on number of adults in single family homes

I just saw a clip on Fox News (please don't whine about the source) that Cobb County has passed a new regulation limiting the number of adults living in a home. The basic restriction is that there needs to be 390 square feet for each adult. They also limited the number of unrelated adults in a particular household to two.

The Cobb County Commission says this is the keep property values higher by reducing stacking and de facto rooming houses in the county. Some activists are complaining that this is aimed at latinos and illegal aliens.

We'll see how long it takes for a court case to be filed. I'm curious which way this will sort out, and the effect for other communities that may consider similar regulation. The libertarian in me thinks that if people want to be stacked like cord-wood in their own homes, they should be able to. The homeowner in me would be pretty ticked if there were 8 adults living next door and parking all over the neighborhood because they didn't have enough space.

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