Saturday, July 21, 2007

House Stalking... and Garage stalking, too!

Not too long ago, I had a friend and client tell me that he and his wife were "stalking" a house.

Around the corner, in the same subdivision they were in was a house that they loved. In their case, they were friends with the owners, and joked that when their friends moved, they wanted the house. It got me thinking... always a dangerous act.

My wife and I have been stalking a house, too. We don't know the owners. We just admire it as we drive by. Every day. Several times. OK, the route to my son's daycare goes right by the house, so each time we go to take him or pick him up we drive right by. There is a beautiful front yard. We are talking about a golf course quality yard. I'd have to hire someone to keep me from killing it. There is also a full basement. My wife likes that. But, the draw is the "extra" garage. If I had to take a guess, I would say it is in the 3,000 square feet range. Of course there is a three car attached garage, but that would be for my wife's minivan, and some lawn stuff. The 3,000 sf garage would by my "man pit." I could spread my automotive projects all over the place. I would be in heaven.

But, it's too much. Well, it isn't for sale yet, either. But, if it was it would be too much. Maybe by the time the current owner tires of it, we'll be ready to get it... or we will have built a home to fit our needs. I'm not that patient.

So, who else has stalked a home? Did you get it?

Post script>> I have to admit that I posted this on another blog I wrote for a real estate specific site. Shortly after posting it up, I was contacted by a writer with the New York Times. He was writing a story on this very thing... I'll keep you posted of any cool news.

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