Sunday, July 29, 2007

I'm telling you... The GARAGE is the "new Media Room"

Take a look...

The Chicago Tribune posted a story today about garages. Here are a couple of excerpts:

Home builders, remodelers and specialized garage-organization companies see that problem as an opportunity to sell you a solution. They have plenty, including more square footage and garage-themed cabinetry. You can even find a fridge specially built for the garage, so you can always have a cold drink at hand when you're working on your wheels.

Around some homes these days, the amount of space devoted to the garage is big, indeed. Three-car garages were included in 20 percent of new homes built in 2005, according to the National Association of Home Builders. Another 64 percent of new homes had two-car garages.


The garage on display in a Stanley Martin model home at Coles Run Manor in Manassas, Va., is packed with nearly as many fancy upgrades as the kitchen. Their "tricked out garage" option includes raised-diamond pattern rubber-like floor protectors; a work bench; storage cabinets; tool racks; slatted wall coverings that accommodate a variety of hooks and baskets for storage; ceiling-mounted bicycle hoists; and even a 20-inch, wall-mounted flat-screen TV. Buyers can choose elements a la carte or sign up for the full slate of options for $19,500.


And who knew there even was such a thing as a refrigerator specially designed for the garage? Gladiator makes the Chillerator Garage Refrigerator, which is Energy Star rated for efficiency and is designed to handle the wide variations in temperature and humidity usually found in a garage.

The Freezerator, specially designed for garage use, allows you to turn the temperature in the freezer compartment down to ordinary refrigerator temperatures, to better accommodate your stockpile of beverages. Both come in an oh-so-manly diamond-plate metal finish.

See. I'm not crazy. I'm just ahead of the curve. There are a lot of us out there that appreciate a nice garage. What goes into a great space in the garage is often something that escapes the average real estate agent. Power consumption baffles them (what are those funny looking plugs for?). While a work triangle in the kitchen is pretty normal knowledge, the same type of work patterns in the garage only appear to people that, ta da... work in the garage.

Just like equestrian properties, or golf properties, or waterfront properties are most often best represented by those that understand them, so are garage properties.

Enjoy, and get out there and spin a wrench. It's GREAT therapy to work for a couple of hours and see something accomplished when it's over.


Anonymous said...

Lane - Good article, thanks for posting. It has definitely become apparent that the trend for a "functional" garage is on the rise. Folks simply want more out of there garage than just a covered space to park the car or store junk! As a fellow car enthusiast and Jeeper, I for one support the practice of more functional garages! - Dano

Lane Bailey said...

I still think that the market for cool and functional garages is limited, but I do agree that it is growing. Of course, we enthusiasts are leading the pack.

Thanks for the comment.