Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Stone Mountain Park, Animal Planet Summer Adventure

If you haven't made it over to Stone Mountain Park lately, I would recommend a trip. This summer, through August 5th, they are hosting the Animal Planet Summer Adventure. It's pretty cool if you are into animals. My family is definitely an animal family. We packed up and made the seven minute trip (are we there yet?... yes) last Saturday.

Normally we try to avoid going there on the weekend, but because of the show schedules, to see what we wanted we needed to go on the weekend. There are some cool shows, so it was worth it. We saw the Hog Wild Revue (... yep, it's pigs... doing tricks), Animal Encounters (you get to ?pet? a few different types of animals, like an armadillo, snake, hedgehog, etc.), Extreme Parrots (talk about flying low over the seats... keep your mouth shut), and Wonders of Nature (the flying squirrel only performs at the 2:00 and 6:00 shows). We didn't see All the King's Horses, but we had been to Medieval Times a few weeks earlier, and they have a similar demonstration. We also took a lap around the mountain on the train, and took the Skyride to the top of the mountain.

We live pretty close, and manage to go to SMP every week or two, but normally it is to play on the playground, or walk around the mountain. My son also likes watching the DUKWs (pronounced ducks). He's three, but I like to watch them, too. Oddly, I'm a car guy and in 18 years living in the area I've never managed to get to the car museum at the park.

As a little extra info, you can buy the "All Attractions Pass" at Kroger for $20 + tax instead of $24 + tax at the park. Kids are $16 instead of $19 (+ tax on both). The Animal Planet Summer Adventure is included with the AAP.

Have fun!

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