Thursday, November 22, 2007

Get 10% off at Lowe's!

If so, I have a deal for you.

Sign up for my email list, and I'll send you a 10% discount coupon for Lowe's.

It's that easy. Seriously. Ok, it does mean that you have to give me your address, and your real email address, but here is what I can promise in return...

  • I will NOT sell your information.
  • I will NOT give away your information (except to Lowe's for the discount coupon).
  • I will NOT trade your information.

This is what I plan to do once you give me your information:

  • I will send the discount coupon.
  • I will send occasional emails (I promise that I won't send anything more than a couple times a month... normally just once a month)
  • I will give you updates on big things happening on my website.
  • I will send you an occasional postcard or other piece of mail (again, once per month maximum).

Here is why I want to do this:

  • I want your business.
  • I want to keep my name in front of you, so that when you buy and/or sell a home in this area, you will think of me to assist you.
  • I want you to think of me for a referral if you know someone buying and/or selling a property in another area.
  • I want you to think of me if you know of someone else that is buying or selling a property here.

Here is what I ask:

  • Please be thinking of buying or selling a property in Gwinnett or the surrounding area in the next six months or so.
  • Consider me to be the real estate agent to help you with the transaction(s). This doesn't mean you are required to, it just means that you will give me a shot.
  • Please don't be represented by another agent.

And, if you think that is all I want to offer, please think again...

  • Client Gateway (for Buyers and Sellers)
  • New Methods
  • Performance history
  • Real Pricing (Absorption Rate Pricing Analysis - for Buyer and Sellers)
  • Appropriate Promotion (not just MLS and pray - for Sellers)
  • Access to the right Presentation (We'll get you staged and ready to sell - for Sellers)
I look forward to hearing from you. I'd love to give away a bunch of these certificates.

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