Friday, November 9, 2007

Football Night in America... ok, Lilburn

We just got back from a fun event. Ok, if I were a serious fan of Parkview, it might not have been as fun... but if I were a serious fan of Brookwood, it would have been a hoot. But, I'm not going to actually talk about the game, except in the most circumspect of ways. I want to talk about the event.

Despite our best intentions, we didn't get up to Parkview High School until almost 7:15. Since the game was scheduled to start at 7:30, we thought it would be ok... and if it weren't for the fact that the average fan was parking no closer than Snellville (where everybody is somebody!), that would have been plenty of time. So, we saw people walking a mile away... and I was thinking that with a pregnant wife and a three year old, it wasn't going to be much fun making that hike... twice... second time with me carrying both. But, after a few laps of some churches, other school's parking lots, a soccer field and some side streets, we found a place to plop the ol' minivan. And it was only 7:25...

So, we gathered up the supplies and began the trek. Little G-man could hear the band... and he was excited. As we got closer to the sound, he was asking more questions. After a few miles, we were within sight (ok, we had been walking about 10 minutes). This thing was big... I mean really big. We knew that there was a big rivalry, and we knew that it was the last game of the season before State Championship Playoffs, but this was big. The place was PACKED.

After getting in, we managed to find a seat in what I would describe as the Not Old Enough to be a Student section. I felt old... Gail felt old... Garret even felt old. The girls around us were young enough to give him a third look (note to self: I think the issues will start in about 8 years). So, despite the frantic activity in the kiddie section, there was an interesting football game going on. But, with the "Rush Hour on I-285" traffic in the aisle next to us, we decided to seek other accommodations before half-time. My wife is a "recovering" band geek, so we had to be in a good position for the Halftime Show.

We abandoned the 70 pound crowd and made our way to the fence near the Parkview drum corps while they practiced. There are few things that can hold the attention like a drum corps. If they didn't stop, he would stand there until Bob the Builder walked by and grabbed his attention away... or the Chik-fil-A cow... who just happened to walk by as the drum corps got ready to line up with the band.

My wife wanted a better perch, and we figured there was no better place that the area reserved for the band... they weren't using it. Are you thinking that there was no way we would be able to stay there? Let me tell you, my kid is cute. Aside from the people that walked in front of us constantly, it was a great spot. But, there was still less traffic than in the NOES area. We knew we would have to abandon the area after the band was done on the field, but, the ex-band geek wanted a higher view...

So, we found a perch about halfway up the aisle next to the band. We had watched Brookwood HS's band first, now it was time for Parkview to perform. Since the little guy couldn't see, it was up on the shoulder time. There he sat for the next 13 minutes while the band marched... asking "what are they doing?" about every 30 seconds. "they are marching"... still the answer.

Good time. We really did enjoy the show. Garrett was having a serious ball. And he'd spotted a kid with pompoms. So, after the band finished up, we headed to the concession area... and the bathroom (pregnant wife, remember?) We found different pompoms. And the stand had one of the blue and orange ones left... scored for free for the cute kid. Hurry past the funnel cake booth... ok, we slowed down. the line was long enough that even the three year old didn't want me to wait in it. Now, the search for a new spot, sans middle schoolers.

Woo hoo. We found a spot. This was next to the band, and slightly in front of the Angry Dads Yelling Out Plays to the Coaches section. That really isn't as bad as it sounds. This was great. Short guy was enjoying the band. I could actually see that there was football going on. Wife was also enjoying the band. Short guy was people watching... when he wasn't assaulting the guy in front of us with the pompom. then he got a Parkview football from a passing guy (seriously, the kid scored more than the Panthers...).

We knew that we needed to get out in front of the crowd. Pregnant wife and three year old were not up to sprinting for the minivan... me neither. So, with about 9 minutes to play in the fourth quarter, we made our escape. Ten minutes to get back to the minivan and we were off... after loading up. We just managed to beat the crowd out onto the road.

A quick stop into Bruster's for ice cream... the kid was seriously good during the whole event... and back home.

It was a great night in Lilburn, Georgia. We got to watch two State Championship caliber football teams face off. We got to watch two great marching bands perform. If you want to be in either of these excellent school districts, give me a call. Or drop by my website and take a look at what is available. If you are a Parkview Senior... stay tuned for details about the $1000 scholarship I will be announcing next week.

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