Saturday, November 17, 2007

Blog Anthology, Posts 124-133

It is time once again for more updating of my historical posts. I said I would try to get in here every couple of weeks... and it has been a couple of weeks. So, off we go. If you noticed the skip on 116-123, those are the previous anthologies.

For Halloween, I mentioned that the roads in Atlanta go NUTS every year. The traffic is truly scary on Halloween. So, Abandon all hope, Ye who enter Atlanta's roads on Halloween...

Dump Spam. I don't know about you, but I get too much. I have adopted a lot of measures to limit the spam that comes my way, but because I NEED to keep my identity out there in front of people, I will alwaya have some to deal with. This post was about how I deal with it.

Just a little insight into the real estate business and the internet. Web Progressions.

Market Update for Gwinnett County, September 2007 was the next post. I try to jazz them up... but a lot of it is still pretty dry. The predictions are fun, though. I will be revamping the way I present these in the next few weeks.

I managed to get 5 other real estate agents to agree on a time for a community open house for one of my listings. We also did a one day sale. While the property didn't get an offer that day, we did have a LOT more traffic than normal open houses bring. One Day Sale!!! For a condo... and an Uber Open House!

Just a quick question, What do you want?

I think that the Client Gateway for Buyers... a cool bonus, is a great tool for buyers in any market, but especially in a market where there are lots of houses for sale. It helps buyers sort through the chaff to find the jewels they really need to see.

The appointment was canceled, but I am going to try to get it rescheduled for this coming week. I really want to do this. I'm giving away $1000... Read for details.

With the costs for energy climbing, and more people staying put in their homes for a little while longer, I thought I would mention a way to save money and improve air quality. Crawlspaces? Same money...

Since mine looks terrible (you'll have to follow the links to see how terrible), Loan me your "too cool" garage... ok, just tell me about it. I'd love to have some great garages profiled on my site.

That catches me up to 11/9/07. That is a week ago. Look for another anthology in a couple of weeks.

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