Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Abandon all hope, Ye who enter Atlanta's roads on Halloween...

Cookie Monster on the prowlTomorrow is Halloween. Don't drive. Seriously, the scariest thing in Atlanta tomorrow will be the traffic.

It won't be bad in the morning, but coming home will NOT be fun. After about 2:00, until around 9:00, the highways and side streets will be crazy. It won't just be the little pirates and ghosts running around collecting candy, either. It is the same every year.

There are the adult parties, the kid parties, the trick or treating and then that special something else... people go nuts.

Mark my words. Take off early (I'm thinking just before lunch) and go home. Dress your little goblin (take that whatever way you want), and then kick back and throw some candy around. Don't even try to go out for a pizza if you don't have to.

Be safe out there...

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