Monday, October 22, 2007

Blog Anthology, Posts 1-15

I know that in the earliest days of this blog, there weren’t many readers. And, while there are a couple more readers now, there are a LOT of old posts out there. I just wanted to provide a quick reference so that one can go through and find the posts that might be of interest. The short descriptions are much easier to use to find a nice post to read than just diving into the tags. So, enjoy.

Garage with a detached home was my initial and introductory post. I got to talk a little bit about me and what I hope to accomplish with my blog.

House Stalking was sort of fun, and it might be my most famous post. After posting it, I was contacted by a reporter from the New York Times. They did a story about house stalking (I wasn’t the inspiration, just another cog).

Then I looked at FSBOs for the first time. First I talked about a study in Wisconsin, and followed it up with a post about the math to compare FSBO savings in the real world. It works out to be pretty close to the same… just less work to have an agent.

How did it get this far? was a post about going to an eviction. The owners were already pretty much out. However, there were a lot of clues about the family that lived there. But, the point was that it was something that didn’t have to happen.

Have you ever known a home owner that made One improvement too many? I was talking with a potential buyer at a property I had listed, and they just wanted to spend a HUGE amount more than the property was worth.

A garage is a garage is a garage… NOT! Was my first real garage news post. I ran across a story about builders actually thinking a cool garage might sell property.

Without lame attempts at humor, I would not be me. Three sides covered and butt hanging out compares hospital gowns and homes…

I had a couple of travel posts. New Orleans and Moab, UT.

Not all real estate agents are good people… and they aren’t all bad people. Unfortunately, we are stereotyped as kind of stupid, greedy, and shallow. So, I wrote about that in An Unfortunate Stereotype.

I hit my first widely published Market Report for Gwinnett County for June 2007.

Real Estate Investing 101 covered the basics of various types and strategies of investing in… real estate (was that a shocker?).

Finally, for this installment, I laid out the case for why now is the time to buy real estate. Is It Time to Buy?


Thesa Chambers | Broker | Sunriver Realty said...

I have been visiting your blog for a couple weeks - how did I miss the fact that you JEEP! We have a 67 CJ 5

Lane Bailey said...

I JEEP, therefore I am... cool. You too. My "new" toy is a 71 Jeepster Commando. It will be different if I can get it together.