Sunday, October 28, 2007

Blog Anthology, Posts 76-90

Sixth part? Yep.

My "other" post on September 11th was P is for Pictures. With the importance of the internet for consumers looking for homes, the presentation is more important than ever before. Previously, I showed bad pictures... this time I went for the good ones.

A lot of people on Active Rain thought I was going to have a problem with Q... Q is for Quit Claim. It was easy. When reviewing the title history, seeing a Quit Claim Deed doesn't have to mean there is a problem. Often it just means that a good closing attorney wanted to make sure there wasn't a problem in the future.

Not every real estate agent is a REALTOR(R). Unfortunately, the words have become interchangeable... even inside the industry. R is for REALTOR(R). I outlined the differences.

For my consumer blog, I called in an expert to handle S is for Staging. Angel Walker agreed to help me out and made a GREAT post. Staging isn't new, but many of us in the industry have a new found respect for the results staging can bring.

As with the rest of the world, T is for Technology. There are a LOT of technologies that buyers, sellers and agents are bombarded with every day.

I am not a "half-measures" person. I believe that doing it means doing it right... and doing it up! I don't like things that are wimpy. If you want to have a great kitchen, make it a GREAT kitchen. If you are going to have a garage, make it a killer garage. U is for Ultimate. Everybody has a different definition, what's yours?

Here I sit, writing for "virtual" subscribers, from my "virtual" office. How could I write anything different than V is for Virtual.

Some say that negotiating is a contact sport. There can only be one winner in any contest. Take no prisoners. Give no quarter. But, as often is the case, it isn't over until it is over, and the very people you just beat up get to hold the cards again. In real estate, W is for Win... and Win.

I knew what I was going to write about when I got to X before I had even figured out what I would write for D. This was one of my favorite posts. I think it is important, and despite my often flippant attitude and writing style, I tried to treat this with a little more respect. X is for... (that doesn't mean there was NO room for humor).

I interupted my A-Z series to bring in the Market Update for Gwinnett County, August 2007.

Despite the name, Y is for Youth, this post is about ethics and honesty... and Jimmie Johnson bashing (indirectly, since he seems to be the NASCAR cheater without remorse).

Z is for... (surprise)

Finally done with the A-Z series, I went back to talking and thinking of garage stuff. Where is the cool garage stuff? is as much about the search as it is about the results. But, every garage needs some fluff... really cool fluff.

So, that was kind of expensive. So, Now let's try some cool garage stuff that won't break the bank. Northern Tool and Harbor Freight provided some of the inspiration. Whirlpool gave some as well. We can't all spring for $3400 fridges.

Since I was on a roll, I found some More Groovy Cool Garage Stuff... This more about environment and decor. But, the "man pit" doesn't have to be ALL about work.

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