Monday, September 24, 2007

More Groovy Cool Garage Stuff...

Can dispenserLast week I posted up a couple of entires about cool garage stuff. One of the items was a fridge make-over kit that seems to have disappeared. While trying to find it again, I wandered over to Northern Tool's website. I was pretty sure I bottle openerhad found the fridge kit there previously, but it wasn't there... but there was some more cool stuff I couldn't just pass by.

Need a cool drink? Of course, don't forget a cool opener for your beverages. And, if you need to mix your drinks, don't rely on spotty, weak electrical power... power your blender with GAS.

Of drag treeneon signcourse, no self-respecting garage geek would be proud of an hood 2undecorated garage. We decorate the every other room in the house... why not get a little decor for the garage, too. Drag racing Christmas tree lights, or cool neon would be a great addition. Maybe a racing hood would be cool. Hood 1 BTW, Northern Tool has a great series of ads that are all guy-centric. These hoods have the tag lines from some of their ads.

Of course, don't forget that you also need to store things on shelves, as well as have a little hanging room for welding helmets and jackets, as well as some of those other clothes that really don't need to come into the rest of the house. shifter rack

Enjoy.diamond plate shelfwing shelf

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