Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I is for Inspection

This is going to be about the shortest post I've ever written...

Get a home inspection. Don't bring over Dad, or Uncle Buck, or even Cousin Vinny thinking that they can do just as good of a job. Even if they have the skills, if they aren't a certified home inspector, their results won't be seriously considered. If they are certified, they probably aren't arm's length from the transaction. (this means they are involved beyond the scope of what they are hired to do). Also, in most cases one shouldn't use and inspector that also performs the work. Some of my investor clients DO work with inspector/contractors, but there has to be a level of trust that generally only comes from working with the I/C on several projects.

Get a termite (wood destroying organisms) inspection. Your bank will probably require one anyway. Even if they don't, get one.

If there are issues that are beyond the scope of your inspector's expertise, get a specialist.


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