Sunday, September 16, 2007

U is for Ultimate

Walker DriveUltimate. There is a loaded word. For me, it brings to mind a 3,000 square foot garage with high performance floor coatings, a pair of lifts, a dedicated welding bay, loads of tool storage, a kicking HVAC system, and compressed air available in each work space. Of course, there would be a trolley system to move heavy junk (I like heavy junk), and workbenches that could handle the weight of Dana 60 axles and engines.

For someone else, ultimate might mean a darkroom in the basement with a 12 foot sink, and the capability of printing 4x5 negatives to 20x24 prints. Of course there would also be great ventilation and a sound system to let the user jam out while printing.

For our third person, ultimate might mean a play area in the yard that would make both McDonalds and the local county park jealous. There would be a pirate ship and a space ship. Swings, slides and an obstacle course would just have to be there. Commercial stove

Maybe ultimate could be a master bath worthy of a fine spa. Imagine relaxing in the jetted tub with soft music and filtered light. Candles providing a warm atmosphere and wonderful aroma.

Ultimate could also mean a commercial worthy kitchen. High performance refrigeration that keeps temperatures steady with but a single degree of variance, six burner stove and double ovens. Maybe it means a dedicated griddle on the stove for eggs and pancakes in the morning. Granite, stainless steel or even concrete counter tops might also be in the picture.

For yet another person, ultimate might mean a media room that makes all of your friends want you to have a movie night on Saturday, and a football afternoon on Sunday. A wall of video, and a virtual wall of surround sound. More definition that Webster, and recliner for every viewer might be part of that ultimate package.

What is the point of all of these descriptions? I would guess that almost every reader has a slightly different take on "Ultimate" to meet their personal needs. I have one view, my wife another, and my three year old son would have yet another. An Ultimate House will be even more personal than your favorite place to eat.

I'd love to hear about YOUR ultimate house. What makes it the supreme place for you to be (or want to be)? And, when you decide you need to find that ultimate house, let me know. We'll find it for you.