Friday, September 7, 2007

L is for Loft

Did you see that one coming?

Back in my pre-real estate life, I was a photographer and assistant. While working with one of my photographer clients, I had an opportunity to view one of the coolest lofts I've ever seen. It was probably around 1994 or so. At that time, the loft consisted of three levels with the bottom having two roll-up doors. Each of the three levels was about 5,000 square feet, and connected by two large equipment elevators (thinking back, and guessing I would say they were about 15'x30', and had a 15,000 pound capacity). The floors were THICK wood. The actual "planks" were probably a foot thick, and the beams were also massively scaled. This was truly an industrial building. It was empty and unconverted. It was for sale for $400,000.

Later, during my retail photography life, I had the opportunity to see one of the two units that were built in the building. It was split pretty much in half, which was fine. It still had one of the elevators, as well as a roll-up door. There was no real street parking, so the parking was inside. 2500 square feet of parking inside. I would say that the floor shape was 30'x 83'. It was great. the seller had six cars parked in the lower level. Going up to the main level, on the spiral stair he had installed, it had been converted to a living area. It was closed off from the lower level, but there was actually a car parked in the "living room". The kitchen, living room, media room and dining area were all on that level. Of course everything was top of the line. The kitchen would have made a chef blush, and every surface and fixture was not only in the industrial theme, but luxurious. On the top level, the area had been segmented into a few bedrooms. There was an open circular staircase to the main level, and a ladder to the roof deck. It was for sale for $900,000 in 1999. The other side sold earlier that year for $800,000.

Despite my land/garage/space leanings, I've always loved industrial lofts. That one was no exception. I would guess that if it were to come on the market now, it would sell in the $1.5M range.

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