Saturday, September 29, 2007

Can I call a moving company for content?

I have taken a step. In a few weeks, I'll be making a big change in my real estate career. I'm not ready to announce it yet, but one of the parts is an all new website. Because of the HUGE amount of content I have created do to blogging... and blogging here, I have a LOT of content to put into a site. So, I decided to jump into the world of CMS. I finally was able to set up a test with Joomla, and I think I am really going to like this.

While I know that I probably should hire someone to handle my website, I'm not going to... :P

I will be hiring a designer to build a custom template, and possibly also to design a new logo and some other portions for the new business plan, I will remain the one responsible for content and implementation. Because I know that I will be updating and adding content frequently (if I migrate my blog to this platform, it will be updated almost daily), I know that I have to learn how to handle some of these responsibilities.

In the mean time, I just realized that I will be migrating a SERIOUS load of content. I have 125 blog posts here. Many of those posts are suitable as articles and content on my new site. That is a LOT of stuff to get set up and categorized on the new site.

Don't worry, updates and progress reports will appear here first.

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