Friday, September 14, 2007

S is for Staging

***I'm proud to have a guest host for today. Angel Walker is a professional stager here in the Atlanta area. Here is a quick bio about Angel.

Angel Walker is an Accredited Staging Professional Master™ and the owner of Staging Professionals, LLC. Angel received her training directly from Barb Schwarz, the CEO of Prior to founding Staging Professionals, LLC, Angel had over 10 years experience in corporate marketing. Angel specializes in Staging occupied homes
in North Atlanta.

S is for Staging

There has been a ton of buzz around Staging in recent months. It has been great to see the word getting out about the value Staging can bring to the residential real estate market.

Why Stage?

There is over 9 months of inventory on the market right now. With so much to choose from, Sellers have to do everything they can to make their house stand out among the crowd. Statistics tell us more and more Buyers are shopping online for their next home. Staging prior to listing improves the pictures posted online and creates an inviting feeling for Buyers who view the home in person.

If you were selling your car tomorrow, you would probably get it detailed. When we Stage, we detail the house like you would detail your car. Where is your equity?

There are several myths about Staging, and I would like to dispel a few of them.

Myth #1: Staging is decorating.

Staging is actually the opposite of decorating. Stagers de-personalize a property so that a Buyer can make their own connection to the home. There have been times when I felt like I’d known the Sellers for years after viewing their home. That is not the impression a Seller wants to make upon a Buyer. The goal is to get a Buyer excited about creating their own memories in the house, not reliving someone else’s.

Myth #2: Staging is expensive.

Stagers can work with just about any budget. Sellers have to determine how much time and effort they can put into preparing their home for sale. If money is tight, hire a Stager for a Consultation. This gives Sellers a roadmap of recommendations they can implement themselves.

To make the most impact in the shortest amount of time, hiring a Stager to do the work is the way to go. Many Stagers work in teams. The combined creativity of several professionals trained and motivated to Stage cannot be put into a Consultation. Every time I’ve worked on a Hands-On Staging project, I’ve been blown away by the transformation. The feeling of the property changes. It’s hard to describe in words, but it is what I love most about this industry.

Every Stager sets their own pricing. Find a few Stagers in your area and contact them directly to get a feel for how they work and how they price their services.

Myth #3: I’ll just take down my family photos.

Stagers look at the entire house, up and down, inside and out. If it is included in the sale, the Stager is looking at it. Are the light fixtures full of cobwebs? Is the carpet worn and stained? Is the bathroom too dated for the price range? How does the furniture flow? Stagers point out recommendations to improve the property so that it compares favorably to the competition. The recommendations are prioritized so the Seller can decide what they are comfortable doing within their budget and time frame.

Why hire a Stager?

We love what we do and we bring passion and creativity into every client’s home to assist them in achieving their goal of selling as quickly as possible for the most money.

Angel Walker
Accredited Staging Professional Master
Staging Professionals, LLC
Specializing in Staging Occupied Homes in North Atlanta

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