Tuesday, September 18, 2007

W is for Win... and Win

One of my favorite things about residential real estate is that everyone can win. Think about it. We have a seller. The house is generally no longer serving their needs. Maybe they are leaving the area because of a new ob, a transfer or retirement. They might be having a new child, kids moving off to college, or moving up to a new house because of a promotion.

I know, sometimes people are moving because they can't afford the house, or they got laid off. Companies move, and people don't want to, but have to. But, I've found that most of the sellers I've dealt with are happy to be moving. Most have enjoyed being in their home, but are ready to begin in a new place, and genuinely excited.

Next up, we have a buyer. Maybe they are transferring, or having a new child, or shipping one off. They might be retiring, or celebrating a big promotion. But, it's all of the same stuff that motivates people to sell, and like sellers, most are excited and ready to begin a new stage in their lives.

Then comes the offer, inspection and negotiation. We have closings and loan applications and second thoughts. This is where the trouble lives, deep in the shadowy liar of other stuff that needs to be done.

Usually, when the buyers send over an offer that the seller accepts, everybody is happy. Then, something occasionally infects someone. Inspection negotiations, or some last minute surprise pushes out the trouble monster. He tries to turn the win/win into a win/lose. That is the point a good agent needs to step in and try to tame the trouble monster.

This isn't tennis or football. Real estate is not a hockey game. In order for there to be a winner, there does not have to be a loser. Everyone in the transaction CAN get what they want. And don't forget, Karma is a witch. If one feels the need to make the other party in a real estate transaction a loser, someday, it will happen to you... and Karma also loves a pile on. Even in the same transaction, beating up the buyer or seller over the inspection might mean that the seller or the buyer beats back before closing... or even not closing. Then we have the worst outcome. Lose/lose.

I don't need bad Karma.

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