Monday, September 17, 2007

V is for Virtual

I think that this might be the most over-used word in our lexicon. We live in a world of Virtuals.

  • Virtual Assistants
  • Virtual Tours
  • Virtual Stores
  • Virtual Meetings
  • Virtual Offices

And my very favorite...

  • Virtual Real Estate

Yes kids, there is "virtual" "real" estate. Second Life offers people the opportunity to "own" real estate in a virtual world. Real companies are spending real money to get virtual customers. >as an aside, can virtual companies spend virtual money and get real customers?<>

Back to the subject... where was I?... Oh yeah, Virtual.

We are in the world of real estate. What place does virtual play in our world of real? Actually, despite virtual and real being antonyms, they seem to belong together. As I write this, I'm in my virtual office. I attend virtual meetings on a pretty regular basis. I don't have a virtual assistant, but I am looking at farming out work to one... and my wife is actually a virtual assistant for several lawyers. I have shopped virtual stores (for real stuff).

And, I don't think a listing has a place on the market unless it has a virtual tour. Virtual tours appeal to real buyers. I know that I have said it a bunch of times, and I bet every real estate agent you know has told you, 85% of buyers start their search online. Those are real buyers. A virtual tour will never replace a real tour, but if there isn't a good virtual one (and a lack of a virtual tour is not a good virtual tour) there may not be a real one at all.

It is a real part of a real strategy to sell a real home.

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