Saturday, October 27, 2007

Blog Anthology, Posts 61-75

Part V... will it ever end?

On my "other" blog, at Active Rain, I had written a post about generating ideas for blog posts. Well, one of those ideas was to do an A-Z series. So, I did.

A is for Appraisal covers the basics about Appraisals, CMAs, CMSs and BPOs. They all have different methodology, but the goal is the same... figuring out the value of a property.

One of the items that WILL be more utilized is the buyer's agency agreement. I cover why in B is for Buyer's Agent. Many states will be requiring agency agreements with buyers, as they have with sellers for years.

Not all sales are all cash, as-is and without any reservations. So, C is for Contingency.

Getting a property inspected, checking future zoning or verifying value would all be D is for Due Diligence.

E is for Ethics is about exactly that. Good ethics are paramount in the real estate industry. An agent without a positive ethical grounding is just about worthless. But, ethics aren't the only thing.

Everybody wants a deal. Barely a day goes by that I don't have a call about foreclosures. After all, they should be a good deal, right? Sometimes they are. Sometimes... not so much. F is for Foreclosure.

Would I be a "garage-loving" agent if I didn't write G is for Garage?

In most states, an owner's primary residences carries financial and legal protections. Much of this is covered in H is for Homestead.

Every once in a while I write something short. I is for Inspection is my short post.

I had this friend. She bought me a Christmas present for the employee party where we worked. I wrote a blog post 20 years later... Obviously it begins with J... but I'll let it be a surprise.

K is for Knock-down. Boy, there are a lot of angles one could look at this subject from. I picked one...

I love garages. But, I also really love industrial style lofts. L is for Loft talks about a loft that I "followed" for a while. Interesting changes.

Car people stay on top of their scheduled maintenance for their cars. M is for Maintenance tells why homes need the same attention.

It might have been a lame stretch, but N is for Numbers. I hear a lot of agents saying that they aren't really "number people", but it just isn't true...

I'm preparing to have an O is for Open House for the property at the Tuscany. I blogged about advantages and disadvantages of an open house in this post.

I took a break on Sept. 11th to write about what happened for my wife and I on that day in 2001. It was a normal day...

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