Monday, October 15, 2007

Where does this guy get his data?

I just can't help myself...

I just ran across this little release from the NAR. Basically, the CEO of Countrywide says that the subprime mortgage mess could widen the home ownership gap between whites and minorities. However, in the same daily brief, the NAR sent out this piece as well. it states that the sub-prime mortgage problem is striking across the board, cutting across racial, income and regional differences.

Which one is it?

Same newsletter, completely different results. Whom to believe?

Off to Wiki we go...

Of course, I don't have the numbers for the last couple of months, but I doubt that Angelo Mozilo has a good set of numbers, as well... but I'll concede his might be better than mine. However, looking at wiki, it seems that home ownership is not only at an all time high, but is increasing for EVERY group.

Of course there are going to be blips, but I feel confident in saying that the basic trends of the last several decades will continue. Overall home ownership has been on the increase for a few decades... again there have been a few blips, but according to the census bureau, this trend has been holding sine 1940.
So, will any of the media bother to mention these little items? It wouldn't surprise me if there wasn't any mention.

By the way, here in GA we are above national averages.

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