Sunday, October 21, 2007

Does advertising need to be "good" to be effective?

Since I am in the process of getting my new website together, I have been on the track of marketing and advertising. I know that good SEO will bring some folks in, but I also know that if I don't market and advertise the site, it won't get the traffic it needs.

So, that brings me to this...

I was sitting in McDonalds today, having lunch with my son, and a commercial came on for Head On. If you haven't seen one of these, then you are living under a rock. These may be the worst commercials EVER made. Attack of the Killer Tomatos is a cinematic masterpiece compared to these commercials. Plan 9 from Outer Space has a complex plot, as well as high production value compared to these ads.

"Head On, apply directly to the forehead" is repeated around 300 times in 30 seconds.

Terrible commercial. But, not only is this goop coming off the shelf as fast as they can make it, but they have spun off several other products. And... this is very important... I'm talking about it. Viral marketing. And it is the WORST kind of virus.

Stupid ad, and stoopid effective (for those not up on the latest groovy culture, "stoopid" is good).

So, I ask the question, does advertising need to be good to be effective?


garage floor mat said...

I think an advertisement has not to be good always….but the purpose of the advertisement should be solved….may it not attractive or a wonderful one…..but always it has to be effective. What do you think bro?

Lane Bailey said...

I'd hate to be the "Head-On" of the real estate industry... But, I wouldn't mind having more clients than I could deal with... I can always hire people.