Friday, October 26, 2007

Blog Anthology, Posts 46-60

Part IV. Lots of posts...

This time we'll start with It's time for the IRS to GO! I'm a supporter of the FairTax, so I laid out the case in response to the news story about the guy that caught Barry Bonds' record-breaking home run. Fun, huh?

If you don't know, I created a Local Real Estate Forum for Buyers, Sellers, Investors, FSBOs and others. I wish I could say that it is bustling with activity, but it isn't. I'm always looking to change that. Another feature that I have added is individual subdivision areas. With this, your neighborhood (if it is around Gwinnett County, GA) can have a private forum... no one that hasn't been granted permission will be able to even see it is there.

I dived deeper into the FairTax, Since I previously brought up the FairTax... more specifically regarding real estate. Keep in mind that this is based on my understanding of the plan.

July 2007 Market Report for Gwinnett County. How did I do on my predictions?

There are simply things that I am not allowed to actually talk about as a licensed real estate agent. Fair Housing laws mean that people have to go elsewhere for Answers to questions I can't answer.

The next part of my Real Estate Investing Series is Real Estate Investing 202 - Buy and Hold Strategies. If I recall correctly, it deals with buy and hold strategies.

The MacDaddy of my Real Estate Investing Series has been Real Estate Investing 301 - Advanced Strategies. I have received scores of calls on this one. Don't call my office... I'm not there. Emailing me is MUCH better. Of course, the NCNDA will be the first thing we go over...

Are we our own worst enemy? Sometimes I think so. While this is primarily aimed at those in the real estate business, there might be a few things that others can carry away from it.

I don't really like "business school speak." Words like product and inventory have their place, but it isn't in front of consumers when talking about their food, homes, cars or financial planning. Wouldn't you love to own this wonderful INVENTORY?

I write a lot it seems. How many blog posts do I need for a book?

As part of my forum project, I created an Atlanta Area Motorsports Calendar. If you have an event (pro or amateur), meeting or other type of event just let me know. I'll post it up. This is a link to the release.

Want to sell your home to an investor? It might not be all it's cracked up to be. "We Buy Ugly Homes" might also make something you think of as an ugly offer. But, there are advantages, too. Read on...

I had to revisit the 200 level classes in my Real Estate Investing Series. In Real Estate Investing 203 - Shifting Classes and Uses, I explored increasing investment value through changes in zoning or usage.

Always willing to play for a while, I tossed up A little more Moab, with a few friends. I love that place... and I need to get my Jeep done so I can go back. Buy a house.

I don't think the offer is good any more, but I asked Are you a first time home buyer willing to be on TV?

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