Thursday, October 25, 2007

Blog Anthology, Posts 31-45

Part 3 of my 1,000,000 part series... If you have liked something I wrote, this will give you an little easier time finding something else that might inform or entertain you. All of these posts are tagged with "blog anthology."

It might be a little dry for those outside of the profession, but Maybe it's Time to Bury Dual Agency lays out the case for not allowing it. This would still allow unrepresented buyers or sellers, but there would be no conflict regarding one agent having agency agreements with both parties.

For anyone that doesn't know I own an ugly Jeep, here you go. Not only is part of it green, but I might be to. Does this mean I'm actually Green? Recycling, precycling, and controlling the thermostat are just a couple of symptoms. It could be that I'm cheap, too...

Watching the news would lead one to think that there is a massive entity called... The National Real Estate Market. It just isn't so. HEY MEDIA... Are you listening? ALL Real Estate is LOCAL!!! There are markets doing quite well, others are average, and some are collapsing... but they can't seem to figure that out.

The second in my Real Estate Investing Series was Real Estate Investing 201, Digging Deeper into Flipping looked at exactly that... flipping.

Because so few people "got" the post about specializing, I decided to be more blunt... and expand a bit. Do you have a Unique Selling Proposition? goes into using a niche market. While I think there is a benefit to real estate agents, I think that it also applies to those selling a home. It has to be marketed, too.

Finally, I got to talk about garages again. I'm telling you... the GARAGE is the "new Media Room" has nothing to do with media rooms. instead, media rooms were hot. All of the new houses had to have one. Now, bigger and cooler garages are gaining in popularity.

Want to go to DisneyWorld? There are ways to do it that only break part of the bank. DisneyWorld Bargain Strategy won't get you there for free, but there are ways to seriously upgrade the experience without seriously upgrading the cost.

DeKalb County Limited Building Moratorium talks about infill.

In a similar vein, Cobb County places restrictions on number of adults living in single family homes.

Are there just too many real estate agents?
I wonder the same thing. Nationwide, almost 1% of the population is licensed. Some places it is over 2%.

Cool Toys and Ideas for the Garage was heavier on ideas than toys. There are some good links and some pros and cons about different garage products.

Know anyone that wants a 7000 SF Log Home on Lake Lanier?

I was just curious about luxury touches on entry level homes. Luxurious Entry Level Homes? asks if entry level buyers think it is worth it.

In one of my Market Reports, I made a few predictions. I called this one a month ago... covers one of those predictions.

The NAR has actually tried to get in front of thise a few times, but i think it needs to be the centerpiece of what we do in Washington, as well as EVERY state capitol. Eminent Domain Abuse is running rampant, and it needs to stop.

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