Saturday, February 16, 2008

Blog Anthology, Posts dated 2/10-2/16

Garage with a detached home

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Time for another exciting installment of...

You would have already seen this if you were on my "real" blog...

You didn't see these videos coming. My wife made me wallpaper a bathroom over the weekend, but I had to take a moment to grab a couple of interesting videos. Break dancing and Jeeping...

Donald Trump made the simple words You're fired... way more famous than they should have been. And I still wonder how Omarosa manages to stay there week after week... Anyway, I make sure that MY clients have the ability to fire me... and I also make sure that they don't have a reason to choose to exercise that ability.

Let's have a little political fun... with George Bush rappin' out a State of the Union Address, and all of the candidates vying for American (political) Gladiator. It doesn't matter which side of the spectrum you fall onto, these are fun.

More brokerages are looking to do it. "Agents" buying buyers... Good idea? I don't think most buyers are well served by going with the highest bid in the buyer auction. Furthermore, I don't think that some companies are genuine when they say on one side that commissions are too high, and on the other side, their entire business plan revolves around those same commissions not changing.

We have a 1/3 share in Atlanta Thrashers season tickets available. If you are interested, let me know.

In economics, as well as many other areas, there are Leading indicators v. Trailing indicators. They give us clues as to what is coming, or confirmation of what has already happened. Real estate has its indicators as well. One of the leading indicators is looking pretty good...

It was high Time for some cool garage touches... I have been neglecting the garage side of things for too long. What with the NHL All Star Game, and all of the real estate stuff, I needed to give up some cool garage stuff. So, I knocked it out.

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