Saturday, February 16, 2008

Blog Anthology, Posts dated 2/3-2/9

Garage with a detached home

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Got behind again...

The week kicked off with a couple of videos. After all, Sunday is Video day!... let's have fun. This week's videos were about humor, with Kip Adotta and the Man Song. As a bonus, I included a handy-dandy tool definition glossary that could be passed along to spouses to help then understand what all of our tools do.

Is it time to buy or sell a house in Gwinnett County, GA? Always an interesting question. There isn't a clear cut answer, despite the NAR's message to the contrary... They ALWAYS say it is a great time to buy. For many, right now is great. For many others, not so much.

Is this a simple truth, or rebel marketing? Sellers only need 1 buyer! Some feel that we need to not exclude anyone from the marketing of a house. I don't agree. While we certainly won't, can't and shouldn't exclude people based on race, familial status or other protected criteria, there is no good reason to market every house to every demographic. People without cars don't need big garages...

I had a chance to talk with the builder/ developer of a New Lilburn development with a nice garage plan. It was an interesting conversation. They also did a presentation on some of the cool programs they are offering to spur sales. Whether yo are looking for the big garage or not, these are some great looking homes. Give me a call and I'll happily help you with one.

Zillow published their recent survey of homeowners regarding the appreciation of their properties. Value really up or down? shows the disconnect between perception and reality.

I plan on introducing a new service on my listings for February. How cool is this? As a home buyer, how would you like to be able to put your furniture into a floor plan and move it around to make sure it fits? As a home seller, how would you like prospective buyers to have this kind of tool? I think it would help the house sell faster... and that isn't the only new tool I want to offer...

The big question lately has to do with rates. So, still wondering about interest rates? Here are the answers. Ken from Novation put up the latest. However, the rates are changing every day... or even more on some days. But, there is no denying that rates are good, and if you are the right buyer, this is a GREAT time.

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